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Flavored Toothpicks For Tobacco Cessation

flavored toothpicks for tobacco cessation

Over the years, many of our customers have used flavored toothpicks to help them quit smoking and chewing tobacco.  So how do flavored toothpicks block cravings?  They can be effective for two primary reasons: 

First, of course, is the flavor.  In cinnamon toothpicks for example, the potent, long-lasting flavor of spicy cinnamon helps to satisfy the flavor urge one gets who has become accustomed to frequent doses from cigarettes, snuff, or chew.  Moreover, it's commonly reported that the flavor of cinnamon helps to mitigate the craving for nicotine itself.  Second, is the oral fixation.  For many chronic tobacco users, part of their dependence is associated with the need for continual stimulation of the mouth.  The hand-to-mouth motion and oral activity involved with using toothpicks helps to satisfy this fixation.  Together, these two attributes make flavored toothpicks an effective tobacco substitute.

Another useful aspect of flavored toothpicks is their convenience and ease of use.  When it comes to cravings, there can be a multitude of triggers.  Some folks have got to have a cigarette after meals.  Some have to light up every time they have a drink; or when they're stressed, or relaxed, or bored, and so on.  Daily life can be full of such triggers.  With flavored toothpicks, one can alleviate cravings and reduce stress anywhere and anytime, without the restrictions of tobacco (such as no smoking indoors).   


Useful Tips:

  • Managing Flavor - Whether you prefer extreme flavor or something more subtle, achieving the desired potency of your flavored toothpick is simple.  This is especially important with spicy hot cinnamon toothpicks.  Since the flavor is evenly absorbed in the wood, biting gently into the toothpick will release a fresh burst.  So when and only when you want a stronger taste, chew the toothpick.
  • Holding a Toothpick - When you've got a flavored toothpick in your mouth, it's a good idea to hold the pick with your teeth, and less so with your lips.  Your teeth will secure the object and allow you to periodically chew for more flavor, while avoiding excessive exposure of cinnamon to your lips.
  • Flip Your Pick - When you're done with the business end of a toothpick, don't toss it.  Flip it over and enjoy renewed flavor on the other side. 
    • Safety - Always apply safe practices when using a toothpick.


    Customer Comments: 

    "I am a registered nurse working with patients who have multiple chronic diseases. Many of them are trying to quit smoking and find a product such as cinnamon toothpicks very helpful!" - Beth H.
    "We recently opened the Smoking Treatment Center in Lake Charles, LA and while I was attending training I was given a sample of your product. One of the craving distractions we teach is toothpicks, so we put your product in our office for patients." - Darcie P.
    "I just placed another order.  I use cinnamon toothpicks to control my smoking urges since I have quit." -David
    "Just wanted to tell you thank you so very much for making these cinnamon toothpicks... I recently quit smoking and these are my life savers!  I will be your biggest customer :) thanks again. These toothpicks are awesome."  - Becca L.
    "I first ordered a handful of your toothpick packages when I quit chewing tobacco and they worked like a charm as I am still tobacco free." - Joe W.
    "Just wanted to drop you all a note, and let you know how much I enjoy your products.  I was a smoker for 16 years, and needed to quit badly.  I'm pleased to share with your company that the picks you shipped to me have helped considerably with cravings." - Matt D.
    "OMG! These are perfect for Cold Turkey stop smoking. Just got and put in another order!" - Melanie C.
    "Awesome!  Really good, helped quit my bad smoking habit." - R.S.
    "Very hot, sweet cinnamon flavor, just perfect!  They're just like the ones I remembered from childhood. I am now using them in order to quit smoking, and so far they are really helping. I highly recommend trying them, and Im so glad to have found your website!" - Lj
    "I purchased these about 3 days after my wisdom teeth were pulled when I decided I would stop smoking. The customer service was fantastic, the entire process was easy and I appreciate how fast they arrived.  They are HOT! I love them, definitely a great product and I will be buying again as soon as my first pack is gone. 15 days no smoking, a lifetime more of no smoking!" - Miguel G.
    "Well I Have tried every store in my area and could not find any cinnamon toothpicks because I am trying to quit smoking. So I did the next best thing and that was check the Internet. I came across and ordered me 400.  My order was at my address within 3 days and once I opened the package I new instantly I loved them. The flavor is wonderful and very spicy especially if I bite into the wood. So anyways I rate this product as a 100 and glad to say that I am currently 1 week smoke free. Thank you." -Ryan
    "I went from quitting regular cigarettes for 15 years, to e-cigs for 4 years and finally decided to give up nicotine all together.  Your brand of flavored tooth picks helped immensely.  Great product!"  - Drew G.
    First off, thank y'all!  Thank you to whoever had the idea of making a toothpick pack a lot of punch to help a 16 year long dipper decide to finally stop dipping.  I ordered a pack of the spicy cinnamon ones that came in today and I ain't put a pinch in since!  I actually prefer the bit of tingling while using this product, and I've yet to split the pick in half if I bite down it.  I'll be distributing a pack to each one of my employees who dips in the office.  We'll kick big tobacco in the balls one toothpick at a time!  Just wanted to say "thank you" again for making such a great and solid product!" - Evan D.


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