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About Us

Thanks for visiting the Flavor Forest toothpick store!  All of our products are made from quality birch wood, flavored to perfection with food grade essential oils and flavorings, and packaged with care into convenient, flavor-locking sealed packs. 

We at take great pride in our business, our commitment to customer satisfaction, and in the products we sell.  Since 2008, Flavor Forest has been providing toothpick chewers everywhere with lip-burning hot cinnamon and refreshingly cool mint toothpicks.  Since then, we've continued to add new flavors and options to our store's selection.

Why buy from us?  Use of flavored toothpicks has proven for many to support tobacco / smoking cessation by effectively curbing cravings. (For more on this, check out our blog post.)  It has also been known to help with managing stress. Breath fresheners, party favors, and teeth cleaners are also common uses for these delightful toothpicks. But whatever you need them for, you can always count on strong, long-lasting flavor!

Made in the USA.